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• A Necessary Woman

Nov 2018

Sunday 2 April 1911. Census Night.

The Government continues to ignore the burning question of female suffrage. Women up and down the country prepare to avoid and evade the census as a protest and challenge to authority. “No Vote, no Census!” is their battle cry.

Suffragette Emily Davison is hiding in a cleaning cupboard, in the crypt beneath the Palace of Westminster. Emily plans a daring act in Parliament for Monday morning, but with a greater police presence and security tighter than usual, will she achieve her ambition before she’s caught and returned to prison?

Based on a true event to celebrate the 2018 suffrage centenary.

Written and performed by Deborah Clair and Philippa Urquhart.

Directed by Dominique Gerrard.

A NECESSARY WOMAN was performed in Parliament this year with the support of MP Nicky Morgan. Deborah and Philippa were interviewed live about the play on BBC Woman’s Hour on 26 March 2018.



Full £14, Theatre Club £13