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24 Hour Musical

Sep 2018

Creative Minds Productions and Camberley Theatre present 24 Hour Musical 2018!

Following the success of last year's 24 Hour Musical where a group of crazy performers staged a full version of West End classic Anything Goes, we've decided to go ahead and schedule our next one! Here are all the details you need to get involved. Join us as we take on the challenge to produce a musical in just 24 hours!

A cast and crew assemble at 7.30pm on Friday evening to find out the title of the musical that they will perform, on stage to an audience, just 24 hours later having rehearsed throughout the night. 

What will it be?  You'll just have to come and find out!  We guarantee a fantastic evening of musical theatre.

Want to take part?

Click HERE for all the details.


Full £16, £14 Theatre Club