Andrea McLean: Confessions of a Menopausal Woman


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Andrea McLean: Confessions of a Menopausal Woman

Jun 2019
For the first time ever, Andrea McLean is breaking loose of the ITV studio to take her ‘confessional’ on tour, telling tales guaranteed to get you hot under the collar.
This one-woman show brings incredible stories of menopausal meltdowns, salacious secrets and take-away tit-bits that every woman needs to hear.
Flushed with the success of her best-selling book of the same name, Andrea shows you that while being menopausal can be tough, it takes more than sweaty sanitary towels under the armpits to keep this hot woman down.
This girl is on fire – and she’s going to help you to re-light yours!


£22.50, VIP tickets including post-show meet & greet £36 (Theatre Club Members save £1 off each ticket price)

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