Camberley Comedy Festival - Comedy Workshops For Kids


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Camberley Comedy Festival - Comedy Workshops For Kids

May 2019
The Camberley Comedy Festival is taking place in a 40 capacity tipi in Camberley Park (behind the theatre).
During the classes, children get to have a go at writing and performing, learning how to express themselves on stage, find the funny in a story, and feel comfortable and confident in front of an audience. The workshop has a mix of improv games, group work and solo activities, so everyone will get a chance to shine.
One ticket = 1 child + 2 audience members for mini showcase.
There will then be a mini showcase where the other two ticket holders can come and see the children in action!
  • 10:00am session is aimed at primary school aged children
  • 12:30pm session is aimed at secondary school aged children


Free (Be sure to pre-book!)