CAMUS presents Copacabana.


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CAMUS presents Copacabana.

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“Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl ....”.  The Barry Manilow award winning song is brought to life on stage in CAMUS’ fabulous production of the musical, Copacabana.
Stephen, a present day aspiring songwriter, is composing what he hopes will become a hit musical. In his imagination he is drawn back in time to the 1940’s New York world he has created, a world where “music and passion were always the fashion”, the world of the Copacabana night club.
He dreams up a young naive showgirl called Lola, who his alter ego Tony, a bartender and composer at the Copacabana nightclub, befriends.  Tony falls in love with Lola as he helps her to become one of the night club’s Copa girls.  Rico, a rival nightclub owner, hearing about the new star visits the Copacabana club and is captivated by Lola’s charms. He kidnaps her and takes her to his club in Havana.
Tony, together with the whole Copacabana crew set off to rescue Lola; a rescue that ends with “blood and a single gunshot ... but just who shot who?”
Packed with songs and dance numbers such as ‘Man Wanted’, ‘Who Needs To Dream’, ‘Sweet Heaven’, and the title song ‘Copacabana’, this is a musical you will not want to miss.


Full £16.50,Concessions £14.50