CMA Juniors: Who’s Your Mummy?

Camberley Theatre auditorium

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CMA Juniors: Who’s Your Mummy?

Aug 2021
Aug 2021
Stitch up your sides and swathe yourself in bandages, this uproarious comedy caper delves deep into history and discovers that it is never as dead and buried as you might think! An enthralling musical adventure just screaming to be performed.
Our creative and immersive Summer Workshop programmes available for 8 – 13-year-olds are led by experienced industry professionals who enjoy motivating and inspiring our students through dance, drama and singing. Putting together a musical in a week, the students will be supported and challenged through the process.
A final studio performance, open to family and friends, will take place at 4pm on Friday afternoon.
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Early Bird Prices until 31st May: £195, £190 for Key Workers (£225 from 1st June)