An Evening of Clairvoyance with Lesley Carver


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An Evening of Clairvoyance with Lesley Carver

Oct 2020

Lesley is a sought after international psychic medium based in Hampshire UK, with a reputation for delivering messages and comfort from spirit. Through her development over the years Lesley has developed a style of psychic mediumship that is borne out of a desire to help and comfort people.

As both a gifted medium and spiritual teacher Lesley has become known internationally through her stage shows, one to one readings and psychic classes as well as offering clients the opportunity to call one of her team.

Anyone attending one of Lesley’s stage shows comes away after a relaxing and fun filled night of entertainment filled with laughter and tears, her unique ability includes being able to bring through spirit of a loved one on the request of an audience participant, to which Lesley humorously delivers her messages with love, caring and sincerity.

This performance takes place in the Function Room and uses unreserved seating.


Full £15