NVSDD presents 'Reach for the Stars'

Camberley Theatre auditorium

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NVSDD presents 'Reach for the Stars'

Feb 2022

NVSDD presents 'Reach for the Stars' to celebrate the schools’ 30th Anniversary.

NVSDD will be returning to the Camberley Theatre for 'Reach for the Stars'. The students have been working incredibly hard and cannot wait to sparkle and shine on stage again! They will entertain you with their dazzling dance and musical theatre routines. Don’t miss out!

“Wow! We have loved every single NVSDD show that we've ever been to, but yesterday's show surpassed all the others. It was so fantastic - so professional - such a great programme of dance and such wonderful choreography...I didn't want it to end!”

“Thank you soo much, S... hasn't been dancing long and this has been such an amazing and positive experience! Well done to you all.”

“Absolutely blown away by the show today and feel privileged to have been involved as a chaperone, everything was fantastic. B.... had a great time too. Well done everyone, can't wait to the next one.”

“A wonderful show with so many exceptional performances! The children had such a fabulous time and are now so sad it's over...till next time!”


Performances Saturday 5 February (1pm, 4.30pm) and Sunday 6 February (1pm)




Full £18, Under 16s £15
NVSDD presents 'Reach for the Stars' on 5 and 6 February 2022