The Rockabilly Big Band

Camberley Theatre auditorium

Main group


The Rockabilly Big Band

Sep 2022

This is a show that you have probably never seen the likes of before; a fabulous fusion of Rockabilly & big band!

Big Band was new in the 40's, then Rockabilly followed in the 50's...and never the twain did meet.

Now, BIG BAND brings her sophistication to the party...and then Rockabilly sets it on fire!

Yes, with a talented NINE piece orchestra, "The Rockabilly BIG BAND" delivers a foot tapping, hand clapping, foot stomping show that will have you up on your feet or dancing in your seat in 10 seconds flat and 2 hours later, still shouting for more.

You really can't get enough of a good thing...but, it sure is fun to try!


Full £25, Theatre Club £24
The Rockabilly Big Band on 22 September 2022