The Roy Orbison Story with Barry Steele

Camberley Theatre auditorium

Main group


The Roy Orbison Story with Barry Steele

Jun 2022

In The Roy Orbison Story we create an incredible finale as the whole cast come together to celebrate this original super group. In 2017 Roy Orbison songs were remastered by The Philharmonic Orchestra – in The Roy Orbison Story we proudly present our versions of these masterpieces. In The Roy Orbison Story, Chris Isaak collected many awards on behalf of The Orbison Family he also recorded many of Roy Orbison’s songs – we return the compliment with Barry Steele performing stunning versions of Blue Hotel and Wicked Game.

So do you think you know what’s in The Roy Orbison Story – we can assure you it’s a bit different. Barry Steele and a fabulous cast of musicians and singers will take you on the continuing musical journey in The 85th Anniversary Tour from The Black and White Night right through to The Traveling Wilburys and beyond - with so much more in between. They promise they’ll have you dancing in the aisles, in an evening packed with Rock and Soul.

Barry Steele is authorised by Orbison Enterprises to sell official merchandise.


Full £25, Theatre Club £24
The Roy Orbison Story on 11 June 2022