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Signor Baffo’s Restaurant

Nov 2019

When lovable, eccentric but rather hapless chef Signor Baffo is left in charge with a long list of jobs to complete for his boss, he enlists some young helpers from the audience. What's the best way to mix meatballs with spaghetti? How do you make a chicken lay an egg, and how does a sausage roll? Expect plates full of fun (and custard pies), all served with a generous helping of mischief and adventure!

Combining physical comedy, slapstick and puppetry, Signor Baffo’s Restaurant is the creation of Brighton-based performer Oliver Harrison.  Oliver is a member of Wildheart and Lyric Theatre Company and has worked with companies including Dreamthinkspeak, Bureau of Silly Ideas, Gomito, Long Nose Puppets and has also collaborated with clowning master Stephen Harper, an associate of Told by an Idiot. Oliver also plays legendary Spanish waiter Manuel in Interactive Theatre International’s hit production, Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience.

Oliver said: “I came up with the character Signor Baffo with help from comic writers Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards. We spent three weeks in Abigail’s garage throwing food around and finding out what made us laugh. It was during this messy time that Signor Baffo was born. The show is a delight to perform and its interactive nature means that no two shows are the same: it’s lots of fun giving children licence to throw pancakes full of whipped cream at my face!” 

Signor Baffo’s Restaurant premiered at Brighton Fringe 2013 and toured to venues including The Egg in Bath, Greenwich Theatre in London, The Junction in Cambridge and The Garage in Norwich.

Suitable for children aged 3+

Please note this show takes place in the Function Room and uses unreserved seating.



Full £10, Theatre Club £9 , Family of 4 £36