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Jul 2019
Evening of Mediumship with Terri Stromeyer 
As part of her 2019 UK Tour on Friday 19 July. Terri will share her talents in a live demonstration of mediumship by connecting with those who have passed over. 
Following years of self-development, Terri has honed her skills so she can share her talent and abilities with those who need and want it. Helping others not only comes in the form of one-to-one readings and live theatre shows. Terri has also appeared on the radio, Living UK television and Psychic TV. She has also written for or has been featured in numerous publications including the Sunday Mirror, Bella magazine, BBC Vegetarian and Woman’s Journal.  
Terri’s approach is genuine; she shares not only the facts that she is being told, but the emotions of both the spirit and those receiving the messages. She is passionate about bringing mediumship and spiritualism to a much wider audience. Her captivating delivery and ability to demonstrate the true character of the spirit has individuals and audiences across the country returning for readings and to events year on year. 
Commenting on her mission to share and educate a wider audience about mediumship, Terri said: “I can’t wait to embark on my 2019 Tour. I am passionate about promoting spiritualism and mediumship, and giving the people of Camberley an evening demonstration. After spending years developing my skills, I know I can deliver a genuine, accurate and meaningful message to those in the audience. I get excited just thinking about what and who might come through and how the audience will respond to the messages.” 
*This show is investigational and for the purpose of entertainment