Kids Parties FAQs


What parties do you offer?

We currently offer both indoor and outdoor party options. For indoor parties, we host Crazy Character, Neon Disco, Traditional Games and Theatre VIP Parties. For outdoor parties, we host Sports Day, Wild Survivor and Footie Madness Parties. More details of these can be found in our Parties flyer or on our website.


What’s special about your parties?

We are the only theatre in Surrey Heath to offer parties and one of the only theatres in Surrey to do so too! We specialise in “having a good time” and this ethos is extended to our fantastic kids parties.

All parties include a dedicated party host; free tea and coffee for parents who wish to wait and free invites. We want to make a party as hassle free for you as possible!


What do the party hosts do?

The party hosts are there to make your party brilliant and stress free! They’ll set up the party areas for you and tidy up after. They’ll also meet and greet each guest and give them a name sticker, keep them entertained throughout the activity and make sure the children are watered and fed!

Please speak with your host on the day to make arrangements with birthday cake and photo opportunities.


How many children can I bring?

There is a minimum of 15 children for all of our parties except football parties which is 14. For all outdoor parties, there is a maximum of 25 children. For Neon Disco parties, the maximum is 30 children. There is no maximum number of children for Crazy Character, Traditional Games or Theatre VIP Parties. Please give us an estimate of numbers when you book so we can make sure you are booked into a room or area with enough space.


Where do indoor parties take place?

This depends on the type of party you have and the number of guests. Our Crazy Character and Traditional Games Parties normally take place in the Function Room, the Neon Disco Parties take place in our Studio and Theatre VIP Parties are held wherever the performance is taking place. Food will either be served in our Function Room or Conference Room, depending on numbers.


Where do outdoor parties take place?

The outdoor parties take place at Frimley Lodge Park, Sturt Road, Frimley Green. Our party room is situated at the park’s Function Room, which is located just behind the café in the same building. This is where our party meeting point is on arrival, where the party food is served and where parents can wait while the party takes place. Once everyone has arrived, the children will be led to an open area of the field for Sports Day and Wild Survivor activities, or a 3G Pitch for Footie Madness.


What is the format of your parties?

We start with the activity and finish with food. It is not possible to change this structure due to other bookings and staff time constraints.


Is the party room decorated?

We do dress the room with banners but you are welcome to bring additional or specific decoration/theming.


Do you do food?

Yes, all our parties come with food as standard. The indoor parties have an option of hot or cold food, and the outdoor parties offer party food lunch boxes.


What is included in the party food?

For indoor parties, we offer two options:

Cold food: Jam, ham and cheese sandwiches (no crusts!), ready salted crisps, cocktail sausages (veggie option available), vegetable sticks, orange or blackcurrant squash and biscuits/cakes for afters.

Hot food: Chicken nuggets, fish fingers, oven-cooked chips, vegetable sticks, orange or blackcurrant squash and biscuits/cake for afters.

For outdoor parties, we offer a party animal box which contains a sandwich, crisps, fruit and a drink. Biscuits and cakes will be served for afters.


Can I bring my own food?

We do not allow self-catering at Camberley Theatre or Frimley Lodge Park. If you have any allergies please let us know when you book.


What do I need to bring?

The only thing you need to bring is Party Bags and Birthday Cake. Please ensure that children attending the Footie Madness Party wear clean training-type footwear with dimples not exceeding 5mm and moulded studs are to be worn. Blades and rigid blade style of boot will not be permitted onto the surface.


What if the weather’s bad on the day of my outdoor party?

Parties will go ahead in all weather conditions unless deemed unsafe. Footie Madness is safe to go ahead in the rain, as the 3G Pitch is suitable for wet conditions. If on the day of your party the weather looks potentially unsafe, we will make the decision to go ahead or not as early as possible. If we deem it unsafe to go ahead at the park, we will either re-allocate the party to Camberley Theatre and run similar suitable indoor activities or re-arrange your party for another day. In the unlikely event that we are unable to move or re-arrange your party in unsafe weather, we will offer you a full refund.


How do I pay?

Deposits and balances are all paid via our Box Office. You can do this in person or over the phone. A party cannot be confirmed until a £50 deposit is paid. You’ll then receive a confirmation letter containing all the details plus the date your balance is due, and we’ll also send you free invites.

We cannot refund those children who do not come but can usually add additional children until 24 hours in advance of the party, which can be paid at the Box Office.


Do parents have to stay?

No; we ask that the birthday child’s parents stay to help with toilet breaks and looking after the children. The other parents are welcome to leave their child and collect at the end or wait in the theatre’s bar/park’s function room with a free tea or coffee.

For indoor parties, we do ask that parents do not wait in the party room as this is distracting for the children and disruptive for the staff.