For those who need assistance in visiting Camberley Theatre.

Hearing Impaired

We have a Sennheiser infra-red system for deaf customers. Headsets can be collected from the Box Office. Please return to us at the end of the show. 

Visually Impaired

Large print brochures are available on request. Assistance Dogs are welcome at Camberley Theatre and we will be pleased to provide a bowl of water on request. Please inform the Box Office when booking your tickets so we can ensure adequate space is made available. 

Mobility Impaired

Please note our wheelchair spaces are limited to 4 per performance and early booking is advised. An accessible toilet can be found near the Box Office on the ground floor and there is a lift to the rear of the auditorium. If you have difficulty climbing stairs we recommend rows AA-C which are flat-floor.

Essential Companion Scheme

Camberley Theatre is committed to making your theatre visit an accessible and enjoyable experience. 

To help all our customers enjoy the productions and events at Camberley Theatre, we are pleased to offer the Essential Companion Scheme. Under the Equality Act 2010, a person with a disability is defined as anyone who has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial or long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out regular day-to-day activities. The Essential Companion Scheme is offered to those who need somebody to be present in order to assist them to access the theatre and its facilities, remaining with them to ensure their wellbeing and comfort.

We are happy to offer a free or reduced price ticket to Essential Companions to enable our customers with disabilities to visit the theatre. There are two types of benefit we offer:

  • A free ticket for an Essential Companion attending with a person who has a disability, and who receives the higher rate of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), higher rate of the Disability Living Allowance Care (DLA) or Mobility Component, the higher rate of the Attendance Allowance or holds a Certificate of Visual Impairment. 
  • A 50% price reduction on a full price ticket for an Essential Companion attending with a person with a disability who receives the lower rate of  PIP, middle rate of the Disability Living Allowance or the lower rate of the Attendance Allowance. For more details visit the DLA website.

Please note; if you are in receipt of any other benefit, we regret you do not qualify for this scheme. Our Essential Companion Scheme is not intended for those who simply require a companion/friend or require assistance with transportation to Camberley Theatre. 

The role of the Essential Companion

The Essential Companion should familiarise themselves with the layout of Camberley Theatre and location of services. The Essential Companion is required to attend to the needs of the person with a disability at all times. If you require further assistance please speak to the Front of House manager. 

Camberley Theatre requires the person with a disability or their appointed representative to complete the attached form and provide proof of entitlement. 

How to apply

Please complete the Essential Companion Scheme Online Application Form.

More Information

Please contact the Box Office for more information.

Box Office: 01276 707600